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Melissa Coventry, MBA & MSc

Iím incredibly excited to be a part of Integris Wealth Management. I love working with a team to help other people. It is incredibly rewarding to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Initially, I started out as a protein chemist doing primary research for a pharmaceutical company where I worked on the first drug ever developed for multiple sclerosis (MS). During my tenure there, I co-published two papers before I moved on to the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine where I received my masters in biomedical sciences (a combination degree in physiology, pharmacology, and cell & molecular biology). My masterís degree cemented my training in analysis, statistics, and modeling.

Shortly thereafter, I received my MBA with a specialization in International Finance and Strategy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. My original intention was to dive into marketing in the international biotechnology industry. However, I found an unexpected passion for finance and entrepreneurship that lead me to working as a consultant for businesses looking for startup and expansion capital. I worked with a number of companies in greatly varied industries-agricultural, HVAC, construction, jewelry, hospitality, restaurants and more. This time helped me develop both my big picture strategy as well as hands-on tactical execution of business projects.

With this experience, I eventually decided it was time to start my own business and have owned three. First, I started a craft and hobby manufacturing business. This business quickly became one of the top companies in its niche, organically generating a first-page google search listing. Next, I started a 3M distributorship, and finally, co-owned a winery with my husband of over 20 years, a local winemaker. I also have two teenage boys which means that every day is an adventure.

My family and I are passionate about being active within the community. We are involved with local homeless charities and can often be found making meals for food insecure families.

You can contact Melissa at 831-333-1717 or

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