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Investment Management

Assessment of Investment Horizon and Risk Profile
We assess your emotional and financial risk profiles, and your investment horizon and then factor these critical elements into the design of your portfolio.

Broad and Meaningful Diversification

We divide the financial assets universe into twelve asset classes spanning geographies, investment quality, company size, and investment type.  The use of multiple asset classes results in meaningful diversification far beyond a typical portfolio.

Determine Optimal Asset Allocation

We design a customized target allocation that maximizes your expected return given your risk profile.

Analyze Existing Investments

We assess if existing positions are appropriate choices for continued inclusion in your portfolio.

Implement Allocation Using Mutual Funds

We use mutual funds and exchange traded funds that provide a low cost, tax efficient, well diversified, and professionally managed way to gain exposure to virtually any asset class.

Ongoing Portfolio Management
We continually assess your portfolio, investigate new investment opportunities, and evaluate if markets have changed in fundamental ways.

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