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Life Goals & Personal Values

Your Financial Plan revolves around your life goals and personal values. If the purpose of maximizing your financial resources is to achieve your goals and satisfy your values, then to be successful it is critical we understand clearly what those goals and values are.

Typical Goals
Some common client goals we encounter are:

  • Ensure a comfortable and safe retirement
  • Facilitate the education of children and / or grandchildren
  • Create a financial legacy for family members
  • Support charitable organizations whose work matches your values
  • Redefine the focus of work from generating income to generating satisfaction
  • Simplify the financial chaos

Importance of Values
People want their lives to count for something. They don’t want to just pass on their money. They want to pass on the values, traditions, and work ethic that not only helped create the financial wealth, but more importantly helped create a sense of accomplishment, self esteem, and personal satisfaction.

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