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Legacy & Incapacity Planning

You want the satisfaction of knowing that any residual wealth, upon death, will help provide for loved ones and / or support charitable organizations engaged in activities consistent with your personal values or interests. This is often a complicated task when it involves blended families, unmarried couples, or young children. The ever changing tax landscape makes it even more so.

It is not just about what wealth to transfer to which persons or entities, but also how to do so in a manner that will ensure that the transfer is both effective and has a positive impact on the lives of your heirs.

Incapacity Planning
We work with you to ensure that in the event of incapacity and ultimately death, your needs and wishes will be known and honored.

Team Approach, Periodic Review
We work with you to understand your wishes, and then engage with you and your attorney to ensure that your legacy and incapacity planning documents reflect those wishes. Periodically we review changes in your life that may impact your wishes and then verify that your plan remains consistent with your goals and values.

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