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Risk Management

Assess Risks That Can Destroy Your Financial Plan
Your financial plan implicitly assumes that you will not sustain a financially devastating event, such as loss of income or a significant liability. We help you assess what risk exposures you face, and which, if they were to occur, would be financially devastating.

Analyze Existing Risk Management
We inventory your existing protection and assess its adequacy relative to your exposures.

Identify Appropriate Risk Management Solutions
For significant risk exposures we discuss possible solutions. In some cases you will want to pay the cost of insurance. In other cases, you may elect to self insure, or bear this risk yourself.

As an independent fee-only advisor, we work with you and your insurance professional to ensure any proposal is appropriate for you. We can help articulate the pros and cons of any proposal and how it fits into your overall plan, so that you can make an informed decision.

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