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Personal Investing Primer

This is a series of articles designed to help investors obtain a perspective on investing not commonly found in the popular press. It is the process that is broadly supported by the preponderance of independent research. These articles reflect the way we manage investment portfolios for our clients.

Article 1 - Simplify Your Investment
Introduction to Personal Investing Series and beginning of discussion regarding how to reduce information overload. Download PDF

Article 2 – Predictability of the Future
Discusses how markets work and the reasons why it is unrealistic for investors to expect to predict future valuations. Download PDF

Article 3 – Predictability of the Future
Discusses the improbability of professional investors to consistently forecast future valuations. Download PDF

Article 4 – The Importance of Diversification
Explains the importance of diversification in an investment portfolio. Download PDF

Article 5 – The Long Term Relationship Between Return and Risk
Discusses the relationship between expected return and expected risk, and the ease of under estimating risk. Download PDF

Article 6 – Risk
Contrasts the academic versus lay person's definition of risk, and why the academic definition is useful to understand. Download PDF

Article 7 – More on Risk
Discusses some practical aspects of risk, which reemphasizes the importance of diversificiation. Download PDF

Article 8 – Focus on Asset Class
Explains why deciding which types of investment to own is more important than the specific investment to own. Download PDF

Article 9 – How to Select Asset Classes for Investment
Outlines how to determine the types of investments (or asset classes) for inclusion in your investment portfolio. Download PDF

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