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Inside Integris
Feb 2023

Team Spotlight: Heidi Bohn

We hope you enjoy getting to know Integris Team Member Heidi Bohn a bit more from a recent sit down we had with her.

During the day, Heidi is a Client Service Associate with Integris. She works closely with the firm’s Advisors to provide operational support to our clients. To learn more about Heidi’s professional background, please click here: Integris Team Bios. To learn more about Heidi outside of work, well, keep reading.

We asked about a memorable childhood experience, and learned that spending time in the kitchen with her grandmother preparing their large family’s Thanksgiving meal each year are memories that she leans on while in her own kitchen now that many of those family members have departed. This tradition allowed her to be a central part of the beautiful chaos that is large family holiday gatherings and to bond deeply with her grandmother. It fostered her own love of cooking and the excitement to some day pass similar experiences on to the next generation.

When discussing what she enjoys doing outside of Integris, it’s all about travel. For Heidi, there is nothing quite like the thrill of exploring a new far off land and getting to know a new culture through its sights, sounds and food. So far, her travel philosophy has been the further away the better!

As for a bucket list item, Heidi hopes to explore the wine region in Chile. If growing up in the Salinas Valley has shown her one thing, it’s that great wine can come from the most unexpected places.

To really see into someone’s soul you have to find out about their favorite movie or TV series, band, food, book and sports team, which for Heidi are:
• TV series: The Curse of Oak Island or her guilty pleasure is Married at First Sight
• Movie: The Holiday

• Band: Pink Floyd or anything in the country music genre
• Food: Warm fresh bread
• Book: It’s too hard to pick just one!
• Sports team: San Francisco Giants – one of Heidi’s first phrases as a child was “Boo Dodgers!”

We asked about a funny quirk of Heidi’s, and let’s just say that you might find yourself on Heidi’s bad side if you chew or drink too loudly….

In parting, we asked Heidi for one piece of advice she would pass along, and quite simply she recommends that we all set aside time to consciously organize our lives. Buy a label maker and folders to give everything a clearly marked home to return to – from recipes, to receipts, and financial statements. Having a system in place will save time in the long run and allow you to spend more time on the things that matter most.



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