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Ken Cranstone, CFP®

When I first learned about financial planning, I thought it was the perfect blend of two of my passions: helping others and solving puzzles. In college, I was lucky enough to be part of an inaugural class for a financial planning undergraduate degree. This program gave me an accelerated path into the world of wealth advisory and provided me a solid foundation of the many components that go into a financial plan.

I first began my career in 2016 when joining a Sacramento-based wealth management firm. I had the privilege of working with people of integrity. It was an amazing experience, however after a couple of hot summers in Sacramento, my wife and I were ready to move closer to the water. It was around that time that I had first seen the opportunity to join Integris. After meeting the team here, I knew that I would be joining an organization dedicated to putting the client first.

My education includes a B.A. in Financial Planning from Colorado State University, and I have been a CFP Professional since 2018. I am a lifelong learner and those who know me would tend to say that Im an old soul in a young body. When I tackle any new subject I always start out with the same question, What makes a good thing good? I believe that good design tends to be shared across multiple disciplines if you compare their most basic elements. I've learned more about project management by reading a book about how to write good software code than I did in my college business courses. Every time that I try to expand my knowledge base, I always enjoy making new connections or finding little gems to carry with me.

If you were to ask me, What makes a good financial plan good? I would have to say that it comes down to simplicity. Simplicity in explanation and in design, I would argue, lead to better outcomes long-term. This is particularly true in the communication portion of the planning process. Frankly, if I cant distill an idea to its most basic terms, it means that I dont know it well enough in the first place.

You can contact Ken at 831-333-1717 or ken@integriswealth.com.

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