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While You Serve Others, Integris Will Serve You

Your relationship is tailored to your organization’s needs, but here is a snapshot of our services

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Investment Management

We can work with your preexisting Investment & Spending Policy, amend it, or create one from scratch so that you have confidence in your portfolio’s governance. Our investment philosophy is grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory, and our portfolios are built using best‐in‐class investments, are designed specifically to achieve your objectives, and are rigorously monitored.

Fiduciary Compliance

You are relieved of the burden of the investment strategy, the investment selections, the ongoing management, and the reporting of your portfolio. In addition, our portfolios are designed to satisfy your UPMIFA requirement, so you don’t have to worry.

Responsible Investing

If you are interested in having an impact with your portfolio, in addition to the daily work you do, we have the solution for you. Our responsible investing approach seeks attractive returns while making an impact, and adheres to the same disciplined managements as all of our other portfolios.

Integris Non-Profit Involvement

We believe in you. See the non‐profits for which Integris team members have served as board or committee members.

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