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Integris has moved to 435 Washington St. Ste. A, Monterey, CA.

Integris is open, however if you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask and notify us so that we can do the same.


In 1995, Integris founder, Gifford Lehman, had been working as an institutional investment professional in New York since 1977. Giff and his wife Pam were going through their annual process of reviewing their finances, and consulting with their “team” of advisors – attorney, insurance agent, and tax accountant – to reconcile and integrate their financial life.

Giff found the process frustrating because his team was not really a team. Each advisor was an expert in his or her field, but no one was coordinating the process. Even for Giff, a seasoned investment professional, creating coherency from the input of all these individual experts was a struggle.

So, Giff and Pam sat down and outlined what they needed to give them confidence in their financial affairs. They needed:

  • Objective advice;
  • that integrated all aspects of their financial life into a coherent whole;
  • from someone who could explain the issues clearly;
  • and who would take into consideration not only their money, but who they were and what was important to them and their family.

And thus Integris was born in 1997, with the guiding principal being the thoughtful and comprehensive integration of our clients’ financial lives with their goals and values – the kind of firm we would want to hire for ourselves.

Our History

1997 Lehman Advisory Services founded
2004 Mike Leavy joins firm and becomes partner in 2006
2005 Firm moves from founder, Giff Lehman's house, to downtown Carmel
2006 Firm renamed Integris, born from "integrity" and "integration"
2009 Kevin Mahoney joins firm and becomes partner in 2012 & Integris reaches $100 million in assets under management
2011 Allison Barrientos joins firm and becomes partner in 2017
2012 Integris moves office to downtown Monterey
2014 Integris reaches $200 million in assets under management
2017 Integris reaches $300 million in assets under management
2020 Founder, Giff Lehman, retires, and remains a partner and Investment Committee member & Integris reaches $400 million in assets under management

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Whether you are a new investor looking for discerning guidance or you are a seasoned investor looking for a strategic partner, it would be our honor to work with you.

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