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Protect & Grow Your Wealth

Your relationship is tailored to your needs, but here is a snapshot of our services

Multi-generational family

Investment Management

Grounded in Modern Portfolio Theory, our portfolios are built using best‐in‐class investments, are designed specifically to fulfill your goals, and are rigorously monitored.

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Insurance Evaluation

A financial plan is necessary, but insufficient. Ensuring nothing derails your financial plan completes the picture. Integris reviews your insurance so you can sleep well knowing you have protected yourself against unnecessary risks.

Debt Planning

Leverage can be a best friend or worst enemy. Integris assesses your loans to ensure they have favorable terms and are helping you toward your goals.

Legacy Planning

Integris summarizes your estate plan so that it is easily understood, and to help you ensure that it remains consistent with your lifetime and legacy wishes.

Tax Planning

Knowing that it is not what you make, but rather, what you keep that matters, Integris builds tax efficient portfolios, and reviews your entire circumstance to identify any tax issues or opportunities.

Real Estate Evaluation

Real estate is a part of everyone’s life. Integris can advise on primary and vacation homes, as well as residential and commercial investment properties so that you can be confident in how your assets are deployed.

Financial Sustainability

Your financial security is paramount. We inventory your lifetime income streams and expenses, and then forecast the success rate of achieving your goals so you can make smart choices about life’s biggest decisions.

Philanthropic Planning

We help you find the solutions that allow you to enjoy tax benefits while maximizing your impact on the people and causes you care most about.

Employee Benefits Advice

Today, benefit programs represent a significant portion of an overall employment package, but can be overwhelming. We review and advise you on your options, whether those relate to pensions, 401(k)s, or life insurance so that you get the most bang for your buck during your career.

The Value of an Advisor

Our aim is to improve your chances of achieving your goals and dreams

Based on our analysis, advisors can potentially add about 3% in net returns by using the Vanguard Advisor's Alpha framework.

Source: Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha

Assumptions: $1 million portfolio with a 5% average annual return vs. an 8% average annual return over 20 years.
Performance expectations are hypothetical and may not reflect reality, and are not a guarantee of future results.

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