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Inside Integris
Jul 2024

Integris Appreciation Event Recap

On Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, Integris Wealth Management hosted an exclusive Appreciation Event bringing together clients, friends, family, and team members for an exciting afternoon of soccer and great conversation.

This year’s event was held at Cardinale stadium, where over 95 of our valued guests enjoyed an expansive view of the Monterey Bay Football Club vs. Oakland Roots SC match right behind the west goal. The atmosphere was lively and social with people sipping drinks by the patio bar and snacking on an assortment of tacos, vegetable cups, and fresh fruit.

As the crowd erupted in cheers, we watched the Monterey Bay Football Club triumph over the Oakland Roots SC with a 2-1 win. It was an action-packed game! Other popular highlights from the event included MBFC x Integris Wealth Management branded trucker hats and tumblers.

  • Michelle's husband, Allison and her husband, and Jenna.

“Go Union! What a great opportunity to spend time with clients and colleagues out of the office at a really fun event!” said Mike Leavy, Integris Partner.

When asked about what stood out to her that afternoon, Integris Partner, Allison Barrientos said “I love that many of our clients know each other, independently of Integris, and that our event created an opportunity to catch up with old friends. It really shows what an incredible community of people I am blessed to work with.”

“I cherish the moments when our office gets to be people around our clients as we tend to find ourselves on opposite sides of a table discussing aspirational goals or major life changing events,” said Integris Advisor, Ken Cranstone. “When we have the chance to sit down next to clients, share a beverage or a bite to eat, and enjoy a good game, I welcome it with open arms.”

We are delighted to express our gratitude to the clients and colleagues who have helped make our firm a success over the years. Integris has become a place known for helping people navigate their life changes and achieve success in their financial lives. We look forward to continuing to serve our community by caring for clients, always doing the right thing, and collaborating with the best and the brightest. Thank you again for another great year. Many more to come!

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