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Inside Integris
Nov 2023

National Philanthropy Day 2023

In honor of National Philanthropy day, Integris is excited to announce that we have donated to three non-profit organizations selected by our employees.

Originally conceptualized and organized by Douglas Freeman in the 1980’s, this holiday was declared a national holiday by President Reagan in 1986 to recognize the great charitable contributions made by citizens that have an impact on communities.

This year, the Integris team has selected the following charities to thank for their daily impact on the endless needs of those they serve:

Ohana is Monterey County’s transformative mental health program for kids, teens, and parents. With an innovative campus designed to heal — from open space, to classes, activities, therapy, and resources for families, their focus is building mental fitness and planting seeds of hope.

Gathering for Women is a caring community built to support homeless women throughout Monterey County with services such as hot meals, free clothing, housing support and limited emergency assistance.

Harmony at Home’s mission is to end the cycles of violence and abuse by empowering children and young adults with knowledge, skills and confidence to lead healthy and productive lives. Their role is to provide programs, oversight, and management of the various programs provided throughout the local schools and greater Monterey County community.

Beyond gifts of financial support, National Philanthropy Day gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of giving and what more still needs to be done. Integris is grateful to know that many of our clients and colleagues are philanthropic warriors who quietly volunteer their time, expertise, and financial resources to enhance our communities.

To all the families, non-profits, and businesses that we serve: Thank you for investing with us, so we have the ability to invest in others. Happy National Philanthropy day!

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