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Inside Integris
Mar 2022

Team Spotlight: Katherine Woolever

We hope you enjoy getting to know Integris Team Member Katherine Woolever a bit more from a recent sit down we had with her.

During the day, Katherine is Integris’ formidable “jackie-of-all-trades”.  While her official title is Investment Associate, she also provides support in client operations as well as on the advisory side, taking on some financial planning work.  To learn more about Katherine’s professional background, please click here: Integris Team Bios.  To learn more about Katherine outside of work, well, keep reading.

We asked about a memorable childhood experience, and learned that like many of us, she became hooked on the Harry Potter book series when her mom would read to her and her brother every night before bed.  This helped foster a love of reading at a very young age, and even though she eventually took over reading the books herself (reading aloud was too slow and she really needed to know what happened!), the nights spent reading with her mom are some of her favorite childhood memories.

When discussing what she enjoys doing outside of Integris, it’s all about the outdoors.  Whether she is lounging on the beach, swimming, wine tasting, walking her dog in Nisene Marks, hiking, or camping, Katherine is happy just to have good company and the sun on her skin.

As for a bucket list item, Katherine wants to combine her love of travel and the outdoors by attending Yacht Week in Greece.

To really see into someone’s soul you have to find out about their favorite movie or TV series, band, food, book and sports team, which for Katherine are:

      • TV series: Yellowstone
  • Band: Changes frequently, but recently I’ve been listening to Haim, The 1975, and Leon Bridges
  • Food: Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
  • Book: Harry Potter
  • Sports team: San Francisco Giants

We asked about a funny quirk of Katherine’s, and let’s just say that you might find yourself on Katherine’s bad side if you chew too loudly….

In parting, we asked Katherine for one piece of advice she would pass along, and quite simply she says, “Diversify! Diversify! Diversify!”

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