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Inside Integris
Jul 2024

Team Spotlight: Kevin Mahoney

We hope you enjoy getting to know Integris Team Member Kevin Mahoney a bit more from a recent sit down we had with him.

During the day, Kevin is an Advisor, Chief Operating Officer and Partner at Integris. In addition to providing advice to clients, he oversees business operations such as compliance, technology, and facilities. To learn more about Kevin’s professional background, please click here: Integris Team Bios. To learn more about Kevin outside of work, well, keep reading.

When we asked about a memorable childhood experience, Kevin talked about spending time with his grandfather. His grandfather would put work aside, they would saddle up the horses, have the dogs in tow, and ride for hours over the rolling hills of Petaluma, and often have a picnic or take a nap under a regal oak tree. The memory serves as a valuable reminder to make time for life’s most important priorities.

When discussing what he enjoys doing outside of Integris, Kevin said he considers a perfect day to have included some combination of a hike at Garland Ranch or Soberanes, a walk at Carmel Beach, a concert at the Mountain Winery and lunch at Earthbound Farms or Nepenthe with his family.

  • Julius, Shayla, Lovina, Piper, and Kevin at Carmel River State Beach. (Missing Riley)

As for his bucket list, Kevin would like to one day attend all four tennis majors (Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open). He’s a big fan of tennis, but also loves soaking in the tournament atmosphere.

To really see into someone’s soul you have to find out about their favorite forms of food and entertainment, which for Kevin are:

  • Movies: Goodwill Hunting and Ford vs. Ferrari
  • TV Series: Cheers and Breaking Bad
  • Band: Any talented singer-songwriter
  • Food: Burritos!
  • Book: Boys in the Boat, Red Notice, and anything by Malcolm Gladwell or Daniel Kahneman
  • Sports: Niners, Giants, Warriors

We asked about a funny quirk of Kevin’s and his kids and colleagues would all agree – clutter drives him bananas!

In parting, we asked Kevin for one piece of advice he would pass along, and he said, “Align your financial affairs with YOUR life priorities, not with what your friend, brother, neighbor, the Wall Street Journal, or CNBC espouse.”


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