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Inside Integris
Jun 2023

Team Spotlight: Jessica Cutler

We hope you enjoy getting to know Integris Team Member Jessica Cutler a bit more from a recent sit down we had with her.

During the day, Jessica is a Senior Investment Associate with Integris. In this role, she has a big hand in delivering

on the firm’s investment management offering through portfolio monitoring, trading, accounting and reporting. To learn more about Jessica’s professional background, please click here: Integris Team Bios. To learn more about Jessica outside of work, well, keep reading.

We asked about a memorable childhood experience, and learned that Jessica is a bit of an outdoor enthusiast. One of her favorite memories was hiking Half Dome in Yosemite with friends and family. The journey through the valley floor all the way to the top of half dome was incredibly beautiful, and filled with laughter from all those that joined.

When discussing what she enjoys doing outside of Integris, it’s all about family, wine, and being outside. For Jessica, there is nothing quite like having good company in the form of family around. If it can be paired with some good wine and a great scenic experience, Jessica’s cup would truly be filled.

As for a bucket list item, Jessica hopes to see the Northern Lights one day.

To really see into someone’s soul you have to find out about their favorite movie or TV series, band, food, book and sports team, which for Jessica are:

• Movie: The Departed, Interstellar, Prometheus
• TV Show: Schitt’s Creek or Yellowstone
• Music: Charley Crockett
• Food: Fish tacos
• Book: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

• Team: San Francisco Giants

We asked about a funny quirk of Jessica’s, and let’s just say that if you have any audible nervous ticks, you may end up on Jessica’s bad side….

In parting, we asked Jessica for one piece of advice she would pass along, and she recommends, never making permanent decisions based on temporary feelings or emotions – seek guidance, ask the right questions, and keep your long-term goals in mind.


The information provided herein is for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice, including, but not limited to tax, legal, insurance, investment, or retirement advice. For your specific planning needs, please seek the advice of Integris Wealth Management, your tax accountant, attorney, insurance agent, or other professional as appropriate. Investing involves the risk of loss.


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