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Inside Integris
Aug 2023

Team Spotlight: Ken Cranstone

We hope you enjoy getting to know Integris Team Member Ken Cranstone a bit more from a recent sit down we had with him.

During the day, Ken is an Associate Advisor with Integris. He provides advice to clients and assists lead advisors with client relationships. To learn more about Ken’s professional background, please click here: Integris Team Bios. To learn more about Ken’s life outside of work, well, keep reading.

When we asked about a memorable childhood experience, Ken said, “I used to be quite a troublemaker when I was young. In my family’s house in Colorado, I remember my mom putting a cookie jar on the top shelf of a tall cabinet to stop me from eating them. Little did she know, I would not be deterred. I constructed the most unstable tower of chairs and books and anything else I could find around and used it to ascend the cookie jar. As I stepped off the top of the tower, onto the cabinet, the rickety makeshift ladder of household items turned to rubble, and I was trapped on the top shelf of the cabinet waiting for my mom to come and find me.”

Ken remembered the experience with a smile and joked, “At least I had something to snack on while I waited.”

When discussing what he enjoys doing outside of Integris, Ken delights in playing the violin. He picked it up for the first time during the pandemic, and now never intends to put it back down. Ken hones his violin skills with a great teacher and began performing at his first concert last year.

As for a bucket list item, Ken hopes to visit every continent at least once.

To really see into someone’s soul you have to find out about their favorite TV series, band, food, book and sports team, which for Ken are:

  • TV Series: Suits
  • Band: Lake Street Dive
  • Food: Shrimp Mosca
  • Book: My wife and I enjoy listening to audiobooks together, so whichever one we are listening to currently tends to be my favorite.
  • Team: Denver Broncos

We asked about a funny quirk of Ken’s, and Ken said he’s very particular about formatting in excel files.

In parting, we asked Ken for one piece of advice he would pass along, and he said, “We all look at the world through different sets of lenses. Whether giving advice, solving problems, or accepting criticism, we must be mindful of how other people can view the same situation.”



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